I am a 24 year practitioner of magic. I make Staffs and enjoy making them for others. I was trained as a Gypsy and went exploring after that went to Christian magic, followed by Wiccan, was trained in Voodoo, as well as in Necromancy, and finally I found the path of Druid about 18 years ago and been on it since. I do not Practice ANY FORM of Magic that breaks the FREE WILL OF another. It was 2005-2006 when I first started making staffs and wands. The first staff I made was for one of my close friends, which he still has. My first and second staffs were the product of some real trial and error. These first two staffs started out as just sticks but were worked with for many months while I was trying to get the hang of wire wrapping. Unfortunately, I have still not mastered wire wrapping. After working on those two staffs it took a few years to find another piece of timber to work on my personal staff. My staff took me two years to work on because I could not settle on what runes, stones, or even where they were placed.

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