Forest Moon Paranormal

Welcome to Forest Moon Paranormal. We are a Paranormal Crisis Team. We are the last resort for many, when we get the call folks have often lost all hope. They have called other groups and gotten no response, or been told that is out of their scope and we don't get notified until these clients are on their last strings. It is important to get the word out about our team and sometimes when I advertise our scope I get told that we aren't needed lol or the Pagan groups I post in find it insulting and wow I would think it would be welcome especially coming from a Pagan group but anyway now I'm ranting. Our team is a branch-off of Forest Moon Grove which is our Pagan Organization and we have many other programs we work on as well. We are HQ'ed out of Concrete, WA on Haystack Farm and hold monthly coffee meetings when we aren't on cases. We take this on a multi-facet attack, 1. on the astral with the astral team, 2. with reiki from the Reiki team, and if it's local to our HQ's we take it physical. Keep an eye on the events listing for events and our files we throw books and files in. We handle all variations of entities and spirits, UFO sightings and alien abduction, Cryptozoology, and any other aspect of the Paranormal. We will have a training program in place around September when I have more time to concentrate on it. Get the word out and if you need help my emergency number is 360-853-7065 if no answer leave a message and a number and we will get back to you. Blessings. Eric

High Priest Arthur Night Silverheart

High Priest Arthur Night Silverheart is the man leading The Grand Temples project. Having started into the Pagan fold in the late 1900's when he started his education into Shamanism. His wanderings led him to Wicca in 2002. He was initiated into the Covnenant Tinne Luis Muin in northern Utah where he studied under a High Priestess who became family later through marriage to a family member of hers. He was made a High Priest in her covnenant in 2007. In 2008 he branched out with his own group which formalized itself in Brigham Utah in late 2009. Currently that covenant has become The Grand Temples project which Arthur leads as Council Sage.

The Grand Temple

The Grand Temples project is a Pagan Temple complex with expansive forested grounds, ritual groves of holly, ash, oak and other trees, it has open meadows, several temples and smaller shrines. Founded in 2009 originally as a Covenant operating out of northern Utah for the time being it has grown to include this project with a mission for education, a passion for community and service to its fellow Pagans of all branches, and a belief in the support of free will. Come meet us, join the discussion and help breathe this beacon into life together. Come join the Grand Temples in their other quests for marriage equality, Pagan troop support and children's programs for education in the craft and life skills of community involvement. And education isn't just for kids, all Pagans both new and old initiaties or those seeking more information are welcome to come and learn with us, ask questions, explore our path and see if we're the right fit. Join the community and help us lift up the cone and create a Sacred Space.

Teaching and Learning Groups

If you are looking for a learning group then I would suggest to check out Forest Moon Tribe Group as they teach the basics of magick from Oberon Zell-Ravenheart's Book Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard. To contact them please just follow the link to their Facebook group.

There are other groups I will be listing once I get permission to list them here. 

Order of the Oak Druid's Grove

This is my personal grove that I am the head of as of yet we are still putting more into the grove to get it off the ground as of now we are a online only group. I personally teach the basics in magick from the point of view of training the mind first before discussion of the religious aspect of it. The mind is the main gateway of learning magick as we all can perform small acts without training but it is through practice and exercise of the mental faculties.

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