All Staffs are handmade with only a few aids a power sander and wood burning kit. Each staff is made to order.  Each Staff takes about 4-6 months to make I do not pre-make Staffs so no there are not any extra on hand. Each staff will be sent out after the invoice has been Verified. You will have plenty of time to make sure funds will be available. I send pictures to you during each stage of the process so this way you can let me know if you like the runes added or if you want to change the location before I burn them in. I make sure all staffs are insured and each is packed carefully. There are no refunds on handmade staffs since I make them to order. Also I will inscribe the wielder's name into the staff. Be it their magickal name or their birth name that is the wielder's choice. Each Staff is made of a selected wood by the client unless that wood is not available. I do HOLD the RIGHT to let a person know if I cannot find the wood they wish and will get in contact with the client. In these cases we will talk about that wood or trying to find something different. I do charge for all Time I put into the staffs as well as all crystals, feathers, beads, ribbons, or anything else that you would want(as I will have to pay out for them). My work comes fairly cheap. yet it is the energy of my work that many have loved. I currently have 1 staff in the works and will only take orders for 3 at the most. The ONLY WOOD I will not work with (unless you are willing to pay an extra amount for) is PINE, it is a heavy wood and costly in both time and energy.

Custom Made Staff

$ 115 USD

These staffs range in height of 42 inches to 6 foot 7 inches. Any staff under 48 inches will be $115 with shipping.

Custom Made Staff

$ 185 USD

These staffs range in height of 42 inches to 6 foot 7 inches. Any staff  48-56 inches will be $185 with shipping. 

Custom Made Staff

$ 235 USD

These Staffs are any size over 57 inches.

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